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Are you a plus- or a minusleader?

Change is enabled with a change within oneself. It is hard to execute a true organizational change if the parameters of an equation do not hold. Good self-awareness and continuous self-reflection provide a great platform for positive change. This...

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Do you want to use the best potential of your brain?

How can I be at my best regardless of what is happening around me? Constant change, ambiguous environment and faster pace at work demand ability to focus, continuous development and taking care of one’s own and others wellbeing. The...

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Creating meaning, motivation and courage in leadership & organizational change work

My name is Virva Herlitz. For the last 25 years I have been working as a consultant within the fields of leadership development and organizational consulting. The step to Gaia Leadership is a natural progression on my professional path....

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How does the leadership ratio look in your business?How does the leadership ratio look in your business?

What is it that creates success and continuous development force over time in your business? Most likely, the answer is the ability of people to be creative, to create good relationships, to find effective solutions and to develop themselves....

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2014-06-23 | Leadership, Ledarskap, Ledarskap

High activity in Almedalen

Gaia Leadership will have a broad presence in Almedalen with several of our exciting konsultants. Therefore it is an opportunity to discuss leadership and management development and to talk about the future of leadership. Take the opportunity to meet...

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