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Are you a plus- or a minusleader?

Change is enabled with a change within oneself. It is hard to execute a true organizational change if the parameters of an equation do not hold. Good self-awareness and continuous self-reflection provide a great platform for positive change. This...

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Do you cure Leadership Like Headaches?

You have a terribly headache. Pain. Agony. So you take a pill, and usually within some minutes you’re OK. You might be OK for some days even. And then it hits again. The pain. The cycle continues endlessly, and...

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Starting up in FinlandStarting up in Finland

Picture: From left Christina Forssell, Lennart Koskinen, Sari Vuohtoniemi from Leader & Personnel fair in Helsinki. Gaia Leadership is expanding internationally and we opened an office in Helsinki in February. Gaia Leadership Finland is building on the long-term relationship...

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2014-06-12 | Finland