Catharina Axling Leadership Consultant

Together we will make a difference

For about 20 years I have worked with development of individuals and organizations. It is a true privilege to be able to do that and to follow people’s journey of change.

Earlier in my career I worked with reward structures and benefits. In connection with a major change process, it became clear to me that there are not those issues that make a difference, it is not the “hard” issues that affect how people enjoy their work and deliver. Since that insight I changed the focus in my career and I have then worked with development of leaders and organizations.

My belief is that everyone is a leader. Sometimes we need help to bring out the leader within us! It is so much more convenient to blame someone else; “Management has made the wrong decision,” “The other department is doing everything wrong,” “It’s my colleague who is not ….” Etc. But the most important question is; “What can you do to change and improve?” It is after all, you who has the greatest opportunity to influence yourself and your life. A good start is to consider the questions “Why do I do what I do?”, “What motivates and drives me forward?” “Why do get out of bed in the morning?”

Once you have the answers to some of those questions and work in an organization that are coherent with these values, there is a huge potential!

Gaia Leadership is working for a different leadership in the world. Having the opportunity to work with many talented colleagues disseminate and conduct the work of each person’s inherent power and a renewed leadership is a privilege.

I am driven by contributing to a better world in which more people want to take part. Today, I do it by helping individuals, groups and organizations to find the conductor within them and thereby their own path. At Gaia Leadership I am able to do it even more. Together we will make a difference!

Catharina Axling

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