Release the Potential

Build a solid foundation for your leadership



As many top athletes keep pointing out the foundation for sustainable success is primarily located in between our ears.  The same applies to our work life – it demands more and more of us mentally: top performance, the ability to focus on essentials, continuing development, and taking care of our wellbeing. However, our every-day challenges do not disappear by running faster and repeating same patterns. We need an entirely new approach. The solid foundation for this new kind of leadership is built on excellent self-knowledge and the ability to influence our own thought-, emotional, and behavioral mechanisms.

Release the Potential is an effective program which in an unique way combines

  • effective tools and theory from neuroscience, positive psychology, competitive sports at the highest level, and the enneagram personality model applied for business
  • personal coaching and group dialogues
  • our integrated experience from working with multitude of leaders from the corporate world and with elite athletes
  1. Module (1 day): In-depth dive into self-knowledge + 1,5 h individual coaching
  2. Module (1 day): Building a personal self-leadership toolbox for challenging situations + 1,5 h individual coaching


  • a sharpening of your unique core strengths
  • awareness of your personal typical mind patterns, and tools how to operate with them in a way that is of service to yourself and your environment
  • keys to the anatomy of your top performance while respecting your wellbeing
  • an enhanced ability to lead yourself even in stressful encounters, for instance in challenging leadership and change situations
  • you will create a personalized self-leadership program with effective toolbox together with professional coaches


The program will be carried out by two experienced and internationally PCC-level Certified leadership and executive coaches, Christina Forssell and Sari Vuohtoniemi.


Vapauta Potentiaalisi PDF

Date and venue for start of next programme (in Finnish in Helsinki): 1. Module (1 day): June 17, 2014, 2. Module (1 day): September 4, 2014. Personal coaching-sessions will be agreed on separately with individual participants.

Target group Leaders, managers and people in demanding expert positions who are inquisitive about improving their leadership/self-leadership and who want to create results on a new level. The maximum number of participants is 12.

Scope    2 days divided into 1+1 day modules + 2 individual coaching sessions, and a personalized self-leadership toolbox. The programme will continue for about three months and be directed by two experienced leadership coaches.

Price: 1.950 e + VAT. This includes the entire training and coaching-program, materials and coffee/tea and snacks (lunch is not included in price).

Location: Greater Helsinki area

Further information Sari Vuohtoniemi +358 (0)41 466 6073,

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