Path to the Top

Gaia Leadership believes that the success of Chinese managers is the success of Western companies in China. This Executive Leadership program is offered for Senior Chinese Managers in Western companies. It addresses you who want to explore ways of releasing your true potential, increase the influence power in your company and get the positions you deserve.



This executive Leadership program “Path to the Top” is based on the fact that Western companies need the very best managers in order to become successful in the Chinese market.
You as a Chinese manager, have many competitive advantages.

• You know the Chinese market
• You know the Chinese business culture
• You understand the Chinese customers
• You know how to build Chinese business relationships
• You have a cost efficient mind-set
• You are one with the speed in the market

Gaia Leadership believes that the key to success for Western companies are through the right Chinese managers. This executive leadership program is offered for senior Chinese mangers in Western companies. It addresses you who want to explore ways of releasing your true potential, increase the influence power in your company, and get the position you deserve.


Executive Leadership Program
The Path to the Top will focus on what is needed for Chinese managers to be successful in Western companies. The Path to the Top will explore and discover areas as how…
• to make the transition from Western expatriate management today to local Chinese managers on the top tomorrow.
• the Western companies can meet the challenges in the Chinese market and integrate the Western and Chinese business culture.
• to connect and create a dynamic partnership with the central organization.

Questions to be answered are for example…
• in which ideas am I ready to invest in to achieve my goals?
• how can I develop my offer to the company?
• how can I challenge myself and others to become resources for what I want to achieve?
• how can I build and gain my managers trust?
• how can I build my personal brand?


Structure and content
The program consists of 3 two-day modules. The seminars are based on the participants business and real life situations, and will develop a personal plan for the way forward in succeeding his/her personal vision.
The participants will have access to support in between the seminar modules.
Tasks between the seminars will be expected to be performed.

Seminar 1
Business Culture
• Compare my current business culture with Gaia Business Culture
• Cultural roots, values and behaviours
• China cost and speed meet Western planning and analysis
• How can I build and gain trust through my leadership

Seminar 2
• My unique contribution to the company success
• My unique resource and competence
• My mission and my vision
• Strategy for success

Seminar 3
• How to transform obstacles and challenges on my way to resources for success
• How to connect with my top
• My plan forward
• Executive network for support in execution

Greater Shanghai area

3 seminars during a period of 5 months. The seminars are 2 days (1+1day) at a pleasant and inspiring place in Shanghai. The participants will have access to support upon request during the program. The program will be held for up to 12 participants. Venue: all seminars will be held in Shanghai.

50 000 RMB per participant (excl. taxes). This includes the 3 seminar modules, support access and documentation. Travel and accommodation is paid for separately by every participant.

Application form below.

Seminar 1 October 20-21
Seminar 2 November 30 – December 1
Seminar 3 January 12-13


Jan Boström, China  |  +86 186 0210 14 21 |

Jan Boström, Sweden | +46 70 522 64 22  |

Karla Sahlin Sweden | +46 70 520 71 72  |


Jan Boström, Senior Executive Consultant and founder of the successful leadership company Gaia Leadership, will run the program in association with Top Managers in Western companies in China. Jan Boström work as a close partner to individuals, companies and agencies on their way to excellent and outstanding success. Jan challenges and supports leaders to release their true potential to create outstanding and sustainable business results. Since 2009 Jan has worked with Chinese managers to realize their visions about themselves.

Karla Sahlin, Senior Executive Consultant, supports organizations and individuals to realize their vision and long term goals. Karla has been given key positions in growing successful Swedish and International businesses acting in competitive markets. The roles has been both in the commercial area, building international and national competitive brands, as well as manufacturing, innovation and quality management. Karla has a Master of Science, Diploma in Market Economy and Leadership Coach Diploma.


Words about Gaia Leadership and previous programs

“As a senior Chinese executive in a Global 500 western company, I have been looking for an advanced training course which best suits me, which could bring more value for the company. I was honored to attend “Path to the Top” – the only training course in Shanghai, which was tailor-made by Mr. Jan Boström who has worked as the personal coach for Global 500 companies’ presidents and Chairman together with his Chinese team for senior executives in western companies. The course helped Chinese senior executives move towards higher step and resolve the “the last mile” problem in workplace from foreign and Chinese aspects.
If you are looking for the assistance of career development in western companies, you can come and join this course.”

Michael Wei, Executive Vice President of Ericsson China and General Manager of Ericsson Shanghai

“Path to the Top is a program which makes us open up ourselves to find out our own strength and make it stronger. It help us to find our team member strength and to join together to reach success. If we are together by heart we can break barriers and reach beyond goals.
The program also gave me tools to make my manager see and appreciate my value, and how to make him willing to be a partner in reaching my personal success.
I am now more motivated to follow my own heart to create further value for myself and the people in my surrounding.
Finally – I am much happier after finishing the program!”

Christine Fenger Krog, General Manager, Skydda Shanghai

“To deserve success in the China Market you must be devoted to the success of China. Jan is devoted to the success of what President Xi Jinping calls building the beautiful China. Jan Bostrom’s mindset moves boundaries by deep knowledge in the human nature and through a deep understanding of what is happening when different cultures meets. In a good multicultural cooperation differences lead to new energies when an organization is aligned toward the same goal. Jan has a way to challenge the way leaders and employees work and think in a very constructive way.”
Mats Harborn, Executive Director, Scania China and Vice President at European Union Chamber of Commerce in China


Gaia Leadership Co. Ltd.
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Huangpu District, Shanghai 200002, P.R.of China

Switchboard +86 21 6217 92 79

Jan Boström, China  |  +86 186 0210 14 21 |

Jan Boström, Sweden | +46 70 522 64 22  |

Karla Sahlin Sweden | +46 70 520 71 72  |

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Gaia Leadership reserves the right not to start a training option if the number of reports is too few. In these cases, refunded all fees paid without deduction. Gaia Leadership reserves the right at any time to make schedule changes. Participants who have not been approved attendance at the time of certification must accompany this next round of training for obtaining a license. Participant hereby agrees to personal data such as name, training session and email address may be used during and after completing the program within Gaia Leadership protected networks for communication and monitoring.


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