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Mastering Leadership Excellence, MLE

• Would you like to discover the driving forces that help you to reach your goals - work-related or personal?

• Have you set yourself goals that you’re either procrastinating over or fighting hard to achieve?

• Do you want your organization, through you, to become even more profitable and successful?

• Do you want to know more about the mechanisms of human interaction - how you can affect how others see and treat you?

• Would you like to improve your brainpower and create room for both efficiency and empathy?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, this programme is definitely for you. The programme is aimed at people like you who want to have concrete tools in order to achieve extraordinary results for themselves and their organization.



You will learn powerful and effective methods to help you realize your dreams and add new dimensions to your personal and work-related goals. You will also learn how these methods can be applied to help your business become successful both in terms of leadership and results. The programme is based on Maria Nemeth’s many years of experience, knowledge and research into leadership and contains practical exercises. Thousands of people all over the world – including businesses, institutions, associations, politicians, voluntary organizations and private individuals – use these methods and experience the positive effects they have on their everyday lives.


Next programme
21-24 January Saturday-Tuesday 2017 in Stockholm
Day 1: 09:00-17:30, Coffee/tea from 08:30
Day 2: 09:00-20:00, Coffee/tea from 08:30
Day 3: 09:00-17:30, Coffee/tea from 08:30
Day 4: 09:00-16:30, Coffee/tea from 08:30

The venue we use is located at Kungsgatan close to the office and at Walking distance from the Central Train Station of Stockholm.

Application and enrolment
Apply as soon as possible since the number of places is limited.

Target group
The programme is aimed at those of you who want to develop your personal and professional leadership and wish to discover new ways of cooperating with others to achieve sustainable results. The programme is also for those of you who are professional coaches and want to adopt an out-of-the-ordinary approach to professional coaching. Scope 4 consecutive days. The programme will be led by the American psychologist and masters-certified coach, Dr Maria Nemeth, in easy-to-understand English. The programme will give those of you who are coaches 26 CCE points to use for ICF certification or recertification. Price SEK 22 000 excluding VAT for companies. SEK 20 000 including VAT for private individuals. Costs for food and accommodation are extra.


Greater self-knowledge that will enable you, in an easy-to-understand and powerful way, to shift away from doubt and anxiety to focused and purposeful action. The course will unleash your natural creativity and efficiency to use in your professional and private life. By completing the programme, you will:

  • Increase your self-knowledge and insight into what drives you
  • Have greater knowledge about the mechanisms of human interaction
  • Obtain tools to bring out both your own and other people’s energy and creativity
  • Increase your communicative and coaching ability
  • Give you greater insight into how six life energies create results
  • Obtain tools that give increased profitability, productivity and meaningful customer relations
  • Give you insight into how to get the most out of work teams


“Have you ever had one of those totally defining moments in your life? One that changes something fundamental within you in a way that you could never have anticipated? Well, I’ve just had one! For four days, I’ve been on a the course “Mastering Life’s energies” with the coaching icon Dr Maria Nemeth from the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Together with other brave course participants, I threw myself into a game-changing training programme, the likes of which I have never been on before. And I can tell you I’ve been on a great many courses through the years.” Quote from Annika Svensson, coach, consultant and project/business developer.


Dr Maria Nemeth has a PhD in psychology and more than 20 years of clinical experience (neuroscience). She is a masters certified coach with over 10 000 hours of coaching experience, a seminar leader and internationally renowned speaker. In 2013, Maria was the keynote speaker and the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Global Congress. Maria has also been on the Oprah Winfrey show, written the books “The Energy of Money” and “Discover Your Life’s Energy” and is the founder of The Academy for Coaching Excellence in Sacramento, California.

Queries? We look forward to your questions and your application!

Email academy@gaialeadership.com or call +46 8-459 77 80.

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