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Contact with the media provides you with the opportunity to spread your organization’s message to a great many people. But there are also dangers involved: perhaps the image of yourself and your organization won’t be so positive. Gaia Leadership’s Media training can help you deal more effectively with demanding situations in which your powers of persuasion are very much put to the test. Effective communication means powerful influence. The power of influence is built on a cogent message and the ability to convince.



The programme will focus on the organizations represented by the participants and real-life situations. Your personal interests and prerequisites will form the basis of the training. The day’s programme is a mixture of theory and practice – with a strong emphasis on practical interview exercises using video technology. Practice interviews in realistic conditions are followed by feedback and learning. You can expect clear and constructive feedback from both your programme colleagues and the consultants. Gaia Leadership’s media training consultants have many years of experience in news journalism and are well versed in giving strategic communication advice when it comes to dealing with the media.


With the help of our experienced consultants and video technology, you will become more sure of yourself and hone your skills when faced with one the most challenging situations in modern leadership: meeting the press.

By completing the programme, you will:

  • increase your power of influence when meeting the media.
  • gain a useful insight into how journalists work and the machinations of the press.
  • improve your ability to identify and use your own message
  • build up your self-confidence when dealing with tough interview situations


“A very useful programme – I feel 100 times more confident about tackling an interview situation. It was also very interesting, useful and entertaining to listen to you, not least the many anecdotes you told us. The programme also proved to be a useful contact network for further discussion about both media matters and other issues. It was really great to have lots of practical training and I very much appreciated your insistence on us doing as many practice runs as possible … I felt the advice you gave both to me and to the others was very clear and helpful.” (Ministry of Finance)

“I am really pleased with the day, despite already being an experienced hand at interviews (waiting to do a national radio interview as I write this!). It’s always good to be able to bring ingrained behaviour up to the surface and to update/re-evaluate it. I also think both of you were extremely professional as programme directors and your long experience shone through in a very positive way.”

Ministry of Culture


A broad outline of the day (modules):

  • Interview 1 Initial news interview (not pre-announced (1) video interview)
  • Mass media and journalists – opinions, images (consultant-led analysis)
  • What drives a journalist, and news value (consultant-led presentation and discussion)
  • The media in Sweden and the rest of the world – similarities and differences in the way journalists and the media work
  • Playback and evaluation: Interview 1 (working as a group)
  • Convincing people with reason and feelings – the fundaments of rhetoric (consultant-led presentation and discussion)
  • Mini-presentations before the media: “ The greatest benefit we deliver to our customers is …..” (participants given two minutes of total freedom in front of the video camera to present their strongest message to the market from their organization
  • The story of the company – the importance of a well-ordered message!
  • Being interviewed: what to think about beforehand, during and after a meeting with a journalist
  • Interview 2 A challenging and critical journalist poses some tough questions (video interview with group evaluation)
  • The journalist and ethics – if things go wrong … (consultant-led presentation and discussion)
  • Taking the initiative with the media – everyday contacts, press releases and press conferences (consultant-led presentation and discussion)
  • Against the wall – how to conduct oneself in a panel debate and heated TV discussions (practical exercise with a live TV debate)

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Training for leaders and PR managers.

For a whole day, we mix theory and practice so that you can be more effective when meeting the press. We devote a whole day to communication training led by experienced consultants. The programme is for up to 10 participants. Two consultants will take part if there are more than five people on the program.

Contact us for a quote and a customized programme for your company or organization.

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