Giving effective presentations

What impression do you want to give? What are your most important messages? Your message will be clear-cut! You’ll involve your audience! You’ll get your message across! You’ll gain respect! You’ll get the audience’s attention! All the presentations you make during the training session will be linked to your everyday working life, to the groups you normally communicate with and to situations where you want to create results through your presentations.



Date and venue for start of next programme
3-4 March 2016.
8-9 September 2016.

Application and registration
To ensure the learning process is on the right level and guarantee a good group dynamic, high demands will be made of you as a participant. This is why we ask you to “apply” for the programme. This will result in you meeting individuals on the programme who are as equally motivated as you are.

Target group
This training is aimed at those who are already used to making presentations.

The programme takes place over 2 days and each presentation will be filmed. Directly afterwards, you and your coach will review the film. Based on what you see and experience, you will set goals for what you need to improve in your next presentation.

17 500 SEK excl. VAT. Includes lunch, morning and afternoon coffee, etc. Are there six or more of you? Contact us for a quote and a customized programme for your company or organization.


On this two-day programme, Gaia Leadership’s coaches will give you individual training and tools for you to use directly in your communication. We’ll equip you to make presentations that get your audience listening to, taking in and acting upon what you say. The structures and tools you will learn and practise can be used in any context, at a weekly departmental meeting or at a major international congress, both orally and as a written presentation.
Interactive coaching and feedback. The training will be carried out by an experience coach who will provide you with coaching before, during and after you have given your presentations. The coaching aims to:

  • Challenge you to improve your communication
  • Highlight your strengths and
  • Make you aware of your weaknesses so that you can deal with them

The presentations will be recorded on video and together with your coach, you will review the film immediate afterwards.
Based on what you see and experience, you will set goals for what you need to improve in your next presentation.


You will receive knowledge and training in a specific method and a new form of leadership that will lead to direct results and strong, sustainable growth for your organization, you personally and your coworkers.

By completing the programme, you will:

  • Find out exactly what impression you give and what signals you send out. Know how to make your message clear-cut!
  • Have the tools to convince and motivate others to act. Know how to involve your audience!
  • Be able to simplify and clarify complex information. Know how to get your message across!
  • Receive training in handling your own attitude and turning negative situations into something constructive. You’ll gain respect!
  • 5 important steps to bear in mind when you want to sell an idea to bring about a change. You’ll get the audience’s attention!


“Communication is one of the most important aspects of leadership. Gaia Leadership’s Presentation Technique programme gave me some important tools to communicate even more clearly as a leader. The fact that the programme was led by experienced coaches meant we received a great deal of training and personal feedback – incredibly valuable! It’s very thought-provoking and useful to see yourself on film. It felt like much more than just a course in presentation technique, it’s really a leadership programme. I can warmly recommend it.”

Sven von Holst, CEO for the 2015 Nordic Skiing World Championships, on the boards of several major companies and former Marketing Director of Stora Enso.


We are looking forward to your questions and your application!
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To ensure that the program you have chosen for your needs, we always make an individual assessment of your background based on Gaia Leadership's admission requirements and matches your personal circumstances and goals, over the phone or in a personal meeting. Adjacent to it, you then have a letter of acceptance.

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The fee must be paid before the program starts. You are guaranteed the spot admissions decision relates, provided that the fee is regulated no later than this occasion. The registration fee is forfeited and shall be paid to Gaia Leadership without delay.


If canceled 30 days before the start no charge. 14 days before the course will be charged 50% of the participation fee. If canceled thereafter will be charged 100%. You have of course the possibility to replace your site with another colleague.


Gaia Leadership reserves the right not to start a training option if the number of reports is too few. In these cases, refunded all fees paid without deduction. Gaia Leadership reserves the right at any time to make schedule changes. Participants who have not been approved attendance at the time of certification must accompany this next round of training for obtaining a license. Participant hereby agrees to personal data such as name, training session and email address may be used during and after completing the program within Gaia Leadership protected networks for communication and monitoring.


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