Gaia Leadership Academy is our open courses within leadership and communication.
The aim of the Gaia Leadership Academy is to increase the efficiency of your personal leadership and your communication. The focus is on the participant’s day-to-day life and the organisation’s unique business or operation challenges and how the participant with a new leadership and communication can meet them.

Within Gaia Leadership Academy, we integrate concepts, tools and training skills and reflection in order to achieve results.

The Pnyx Leadership Programme

A new form of leadership is needed in order to meet the challenges and opportunities in the world around us and use them to develop our businesses and organizations. We call this new form of leadership the Gaia Leadership Model.

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Gaia Business Coaching

This executive Leadership and business coaching program is tailored for you as a manager, as a leader or as an HR specialist who would like to practice a coaching approach to your team or employees, as well as for you as an individual consultant who would like to increase your coaching skills. Start March 2, 2017.

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The Communications program

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Mastering Leadership Excellence, MLE

Would you like to discover the driving forces that help you to reach your goals - work-related or personal? Next program 21-24 January in Stockholm.

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Empowering Leadership Excellence

Do you want to know how to take the self-empowerment principles you learned in Mastering Life’s Energies and apply them to those around you – your clients, patients, students, work team, colleagues, network of friends, family and community?

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CEO programme

For you as President to succeed, we combine knowledge based on the latest research in Neuro Leadership and Agile leadership in the program. We make it accessible, applicable and usable by using experience-based exercises and practical tools.

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Leadership & Coaching

Leadership & Coaching is already a crucial skill for managers and leaders and will become even more important in the future. It will help you grow as a leader and use your own drive and energy more effectively.

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Giving effective presentations

What impression do you want to give? What are your most important messages? Your message will be clear-cut! You’ll involve your audience! You’ll get your message across! You’ll gain respect! You’ll get the audience’s attention!

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Media training

Contact with the media provides you with the opportunity to spread your organization’s message to a great many people. But there are also dangers involved: perhaps the image of yourself and your organization won’t be so positive.

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How can team dynamics create exceptional results? LMDC - Leadership and Management Development - is a program that provides an answer to this fundamental question of team and leadership effectiveness.

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Path to the Top

The executive leadership program Path to the Top is based on the key findings why Chinese leaders should succeed expatriates in western companies, for the companies to become successful in the Chinese Market. All seminars will be held in Shanghai.

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Release the Potential

Build a solid foundation for your leadership

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