and Gaia Leadership has since 2013 been in a partnership. was launched in in 2011 and has quickly become one of Sweden’s foremost online resources for managers and leaders with an interest in developing their business, their employees and themselves. gather knowledge, research and trends in leadership, motivation and good performance at an accessible place in order to provide inspiration , new insights and perspectives on the important role of leader.

– Gaia Leadership has a broad and deep expertise in several of our key areas of – leadership development, communicative leadership, management team development and coaching. Through our collaboration we increase opportunities to create additional value for our readers and members said Per Winblad , managing director and chief editor of .

Johan Grip, Gaia Leadership: To disseminate knowledge, inspire and provide value to others is strong underlying objective for It is pleasure for Gaia Leadership to be a part of these targets. We perceive as a partner with the same aim as us. Therefore, we think its great fun to cooperate with this cooperation and jointly push for a leadership that releases and promotes people’s inner strength.