Marie Clahr

“There is a hidden treasure inside every challenge”

I have worked with coaching managers and co-workers since the middle of the 1990s and am a partner to Gaia Leadership. Even before my present association with Gaia Leadership, we cooperated on strategic customer projects, including Gaia’s multi-year project with SBAB. More recently, I have worked with Gaia’s consultants on projects at for example the National Board of Health and Welfare and Valio.
My own driving force is my conviction that everyone has a unique creative ability and my belief that there is a hidden treasure inside every challenge. Seeing a person discover their own treasure chest is a real high for me.

Classical literature, drama and philosophy are great sources of inspiration for me. Based on the wisdom and respect for man’s multi-faceted nature that I have found in the classical ideologies, I have developed several tools and methods to provide leaders with qualified support.

In Agamemnon’s war in 12 Acts, freely adapted from Homer’s Iliad, the challenges of a leader are reflected in Commander-in-Chief Agamemnon’s hardships during the Trojan War. I have developed a tool for self-insight called The Gaia Profile, exclusively and with sole rights for Gaia Leadership, based on classical philosophy and mythology.

Marie Clahr