Anita Jonsson
Anita Jonsson is a Senior Consultant in Business Sweden with unique experiences of how to get businesses to grow in Latin America, Europe and China. Today Anita guides successful large Swedish companies in the global arena to succeed by focusing on durability, sustainability and with their strategy. Anita mirrors Gaia Leadership’s philosophy in a good way her own perspective on sustainability, entrepreneurship and leadership.


Bertil Jobéus
During the past 24 years of overseas service in six countries Bertil has broad skills and ability to see how the enterprise and institution can grow and thus the employees. Bertil has extensive experience in communications work in government offices as head of the Information Department and in two rounds Press Ombudsman at Foreign Ministry. He has been writing for almost 50 years for the local newspaper VästerviksTidningen mainly focusing on Nordic issues.


Björn von Sydow
Former President, former Trade & Minister for Defence our first ambassador stands for a collective leadership, self-governing was his motto when he was President. Björn is a political scientist with broad international interest and network.

Björn says about his approach to leadership: “Leadership always exits, but the spirit plays a big role in how it works. What is morally legitimate in an era, it is definitely not accepted in another. Democracies are especially sensitive to the moral element, but there is no guarantee of ethical leadership.

I remember a book that made a big impression on me during my academic studies – later Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon’s Administrative Behaviour – a study of decision making in administrative organizations (Swedish Edition Prism 1971). The thing that caught my attention was how he emphasized that the central area of administrative theory is the interface between the rational and non-rational in human social behaviour. We people in professional organizations often lead to satisfy, because we do not have the ability to maximize our goals.

Political leadership in a representative democracy like our Swedish, often end up in the same way – and I like that. We want to have goals and will, but also want open and critical discussions.
In the end of such a process, however, a moment in which I, for my part as policy maker, know that now the decision grow forward. ”


Gunnar Palme
Gunnar Palme has for many years as a customer had the experience of Gaia Leadership’s approach to leadership , how to get employees of a company to truly become enterprising and even after years Executive collaborated with Gaia Leadership . Gunnar Palme is currently Chairman of Skandia Liv, working president of the Young Enterprise Södermanland, EQT ,and the former CEO of Assi Domain & former Deputy CEO of Atlas Copco.


Irma Rosenberg
Irma Rosenberg was 1 January 2003-31 December 2008 Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Sweden, and since 1 April 2009 Acting as a member of the Debt Office. Irma Rosenberg has a PhD in economics and was elected in 2012 as Member of the Engineering Sciences. Irma has made a career as Chief Economist at the National Bank, NIER, the Post Office and SBAB. She then returned to the National Bank of Sweden and has six years of deputy governor with direct influence on Swedish monetary policy.


Karin Svenske Nyberg
Karin is currently Human Resources Director at Clas Ohlson. Before that she held the position of Human Resources Director at Stora Enso for business Printing and Reading. Karin has 20 years of experience in Stora Enso where she worked with HR issues (Human Resources) internationally in a number of different roles.


Karl Engelbrektsson
Major General and senior military adviser at the Swedish EU representation in Brussels, this means that he is the Commander’s representative at meetings of the EU Military Committee, and Swedish Representative to NATO Military Committee in Sweden as non- NATO member may attend their meetings. Previously, he has, among other things been head of the Rapid Reaction Force Nordic Battle Group. He also has experience as a military advisor for the Horn of Africa and as battalion commander in Kosovo during the last major unrest in spring 2004.

As head of the Nordic Battle Group Karl developed a new military approach to leadership and the motto “Victory through values”. Karl has his own managerial experience combined with a solid theoretical foundation. He has been published, most recently as co-author of the book “In Business and Battle” Strategic Leadership in the military and civilian spheres “.


Magnus Ehrenstråhle
Magnus Ehrenstråhle has held senior positions in Swedish industry both in the private sector as well as government. Magnus took the initiative for the formation of Graphium AB, which was built on a number of printers from Esselte Group, and through several acquisitions took the initiative in the restructuring of the Swedish graphic industry. From 2001, Magnus has been CEO of Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company, which upon closing was an operation with near 2,400 employees and a turnover of more than SEK 1.3 billion.

Per Aronsson
Per Aronson has worked for over 30 years with the City of Stockholm, with over sixteen years as administrative director / CEO. He also has been President of Stockholm parking company for eight years, which during that time was one of the largest parking companies. Per later continued for some years as Director of Transport in Stockholm city, a management with more than 700 employees and a budget sheet total of over 2 billion.

During Per´s tenure as CEO in Stockholm parking became the company by Business Week magazine named as one of the best employers. The mission of the Traffic Office consisted of implementing a restructuring of the office in order to “streamline” and streamline operations. The key words in Per´s view of leadership – which for many years developed in close collaboration with Gaia Leadership – openness, transparency and effectiveness.”

Achieving profitability and customer satisfaction were the first obvious targets like Magnus introduced for employees. This was achieved through efficiency, transparency and participation. Among the more important things for the success of the change program was to develop the leadership in the company. Gaia Leadership contributed with both training and mentoring in these programs.


Sven von Holst
Sven von Holst holds the strings for WCS 2015 for the World Ski Championships 2015 at the tranquillity of Falun. Sven von Holst, who was also a Falun’s campaign manager, worked as Marketing Director at Stora Enso and as a professional board member.

Sven von Holst says the following about leadership; “Communication is one of the most important keys to leadership . These are important tools to become even more pronounced as the leader”.