About Gaia Leadership

Gaia Leadership is a global leadership consultancy. Active in leadership and corporate development, we support organisations and individuals, across the world, to achieve better business results through the development of their leaders. The company was founded in 1999 and today consists of over 60 consultants. In 2015 Gaia Leadership worked with more than 4000 leaders in over 200 organisations.

Our Purpose

The focal point of Gaia Leadership is our leadership philosophy – The Gaia Leadership Model. Our purpose: To liberate the leader in everyone, and thereby fundamentally change the perception of leadership and of people in the world. Why? So that individuals can realise their potential, and create a sustainable, fulfilling future for themselves; because we believe the success of individuals in organisations, and their ability to lead themselves, will deliver success for their organisation in turn.
We believe that everyone is a leader.

Our values

Our core values are the starting point of everything we do, both externally with our clients and internally with our consultants.
• Presence and Curiosity
• Generosity and belief in the inherent power of all humans
• Growth and Value creation
• Courage and Integrity


In 2015 Gaia Leadership worked with over 200 companies and organizations , and met over 4000 leaders.
Some customers include Atlas Copco, SEB, Sveaskog, PWC, Di Lucca, Medical Products Agency and Government Offices.