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Spark the Change

It is not so much a funny old world – more that we live in curious, challenging and exponentially changing times. It’s a time where the UK working population is about 38 million, and of these only about 6...

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    Consensus – an integral part of the common thread

    Instead, the team should make time to re”ect to- gether, in order to achieve consensus on some basic issues, thus enhancing the…

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    Maria Nemeth

    “Would it be all right if life got easier?” Detta var en av frågorna Maria ställde vid den fullsatta “Late Night med Maria...

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    Communications in high-performance teams

    Performance and results are very much the watchwords of modern organizations. High performance is the aim for many...

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    2013-12-30 | Whitepaper
  • guider_team

    Winning teams

    In sport it is important to win. Wikipedia and various dictionaries de!ne the verb “to win” as “to defeat or gain victory over...

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    The Gaia Leadership Model

    Our notion of both the human being and of leadership is in a state of lux. New research “findings, insights and experiences are…

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    2013-12-30 | Whitepaper
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    • Johan Grip, CEO – Investing in leadership

      JohanGrip “We know that investing in Leadership is critical to organisations future success and value creation”

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